A lot of people ask how to meet people in a new city. It can seem like a daunting task but really there are so many opportunities out there to help you. Here's a few :

1) Now this isn't for everybody, but because I work from home full time, what I chose to do was get a part time job. I figured, what else was I going to be doing with my time and what better time to work a little more and pay down some debt. And I've met some really awesome people in the process!

2) Join a sports team! Check out the local adult leagues.. whether it's soccer, softball, kickball, etc. That was one of the FIRST things I did, was find a women's soccer team to join. Can't wait to join another! Maybe even softball, too!

3) Join local Facebook groups that involves a hobby. I joined several local Photography facebook groups and met some awesome ladies from there!

4) Find a church! (if that's your thing) Churches have so many groups, gatherings, etc to help you get involved and meet others!

These are just a few ideas but really, you can find so many ways and opportunities to meet new friends in a new place! Any hobbies you have, things you enjoy doing.. there's bound to be a Facebook group, sports team, etc full of people who love doing the same things!

New city? No problem!

xoxo, M