You signed your life away for the next 4-5 years and have no idea what to expect. Actually.. scratch that. You THINK you know.. but you have NO clue. Haha..

1) Playing a college sport will literally be the hardest thing you've ever done. Countless hours of practice, running, weight lifting, running, studying (or not studying if you're me, haha), meetings, running, watching film, did I mention there is running?.. It's stressful, demanding, and AMAZING. You're gonna love it.

2) Don't think your coach doesn't know every single thing you're doing. He's like Santa Claus. Trust me. He has elves all over campus.

3) You're not just going to make friends with your teammates. You're going to become family. You'll love each other, you'll hate each other, you won't be able to live without each other.

4) You might have been the "best" or "top" player on your high school team... but nobody really cares about that at the college level. You need to work your ass off to get that starting spot.


6) Know that a giant glass of cold chocolate milk is all you're gonna need in life after an early morning practice.

7) Be nice to your trainers and team managers. They put in a ridiculous amount of hours to take care of you.

8) Don't think for a second you can start training for the fitness test a month before you have to report back for pre-season and think you're gonna pass. (Not speaking from experience at all.........)

9) Be prepared to be known as that sweaty, hot mess looking girl walking in smelling like wet grass and shinguards to your 9 am class, hitting everybody in the head with your soccer bag as you pass through the aisle to get to your seat.

10) Don't take a single second of it for granted because it is over before you know it.