Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my Sac Town Studio Apartment! I am LOVING the studio apartment life. It's the perfect amount of space and I literally want to do nothing but sit in my cozy apartment and binge watch Friends with my coffee. So... I do. :)

Come take a look at my place!


Yes, the kitchen also doubles as my home office. ;) There was a perfect space for my desk to fit with both my monitors I use for work! I got the desk at IKEA, it was a $25 table. I almost went for the standing desk but decided on the more budget friendly white table instead.

This is a great shot of the entire kitchen. Shout out to Nikki for the cute kitchen decor! I recently just purchased the rug off of Amazon to give it some color, I LOVE it! This kitchen does not have a dish washer (no biggie), so I have the dish rack on the side there. 

Here a few favorite things about the picture below:  the wind beneath my wings, my Keurig. Can you find it? ;) Also, my green Smelly Cat fridge magnet that my sister gifted to me years ago. Oh, and the Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn.. 'cuz popcorn. 

Another shot of the rug I got off Amazon! Such a cute rug! 

This 3-tier rack was also a recent purchase from Target. This kitchen is lacking storage space by a TON! So I had to be creative with ways I could store things. I purchased this rack and it works out perfectly for extra storage. I threw my plastic bags, plastic wrap, foil, etc on there. Along with my cookie sheets and bowls. 

Another shout out to Lindy, my dearest friend who sent me PURPLE kitchen items including a purple cookie sheet. You are the sweetest, I love you! 

Speaking of creative kitchen storage.. this is what I had to resort to for my silverware. I do not have any drawers in my kitchen, just cupboards and they are not deep enough to fit a silverware tray! So, I purchased mason jars from Target. When in doubt, just buy mason jars.. that's pretty much what I have learned from Pinterest all these years. 

And this my friends, is the BEST smelling candle in all the lands. Buy it. Thank me later. 

Here is a shot of the kitchen/office area from the living room/bedroom area. The kitchen has a nice window with a bar top! It really opens it up! I got BOTH of those barstools for $15 off of the app OfferUp (check it out, it's like Facebook Market, Craigslist). 


Welcome to the living room/bedroom area! The size of this space is pretty comparable to a master bedroom size. I got this cute little couch off of Wayfair for less than $200! And the wicker storage from my parents who I believe grabbed it off Craigslist! I went back and forth for a while on whether to get a sleeper sofa or an actual bed and small couch. I went with the bed/couch. 

Here is a shot of my entertainment center, (again, thanks to Nikki and Trevor!!). They gave this baby to me! This is also from Target! 

Pictured here is a "list" notepad for all the lists I make.

p.s. I make zero lists. ;) 

And on to my favorite thing of the entire apartment. My bed. I am sure it's not the comfiest bed in the world. I got it for $200 off Craigslist. Can you say on a BUDGET. :) However, with some cute bedding, a comfy mattress pad.. it gets the job done! Pillowcase cover, from Walmart! 


And last but not least, my bathroom! This space of the apartment is needing the most TLC! If you follow me on IG, you know my recent Target struggle. I have been trying to figure out the storage situation for a while! But how I can brighten this space up?? Any ideas!?

And there you have it, guys! A nice little peek into my studio apartment in downtown Sacramento!! I am really loving this little space to call my own where I can spend some serious QT with myself. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions about where I got any of the items, feel free to hit me up!