Happy Monday, folks!!

Moving a little slow this morning but that's okay because it was well worth the fun I had this weekend! :)

Went to Iron Horse for Happy Hour followed up with the Rivercats game on Friday night with some new friends and had a blast! Can I just say, Iron Horse Happy Hour is AMAZING.. still dreaming about the lobster mac & cheese, not to mention the tuna poke nachos.. Need to get back there, ASAP!

Saturday, I took a short drive up to Truckee to play in a soccer tournament. Legit thought I was going to die BUT... I didn't! Haha.. It's been a while since playing consistently so it was so fun to get out there and kick the ball around. Not to mention, the view while playing, wasn't too shabby. Soccer has always been a way for me to relieve stress and get out there and make friends.. I love how soccer has always been a constant positive in my life. 

And speaking of SOCCER.. on Sunday, woke up nice & early to watch the World Cup Final!! So bummed its over but had a blast with the girls! Thanks to Diana & Karla, they gave me a nice little peek into the Midtown scene! So many places I hadn't been to yet and they showed me around! Nothing wrong with a little day drinking during the World Cup Final, I mean, it's basically a holiday, am I right? ;) 

Also.. look how pretty all these drinks are. 

Falling in love with Sacramento more and more every day.. trying new things, meeting new people is such a scary, exciting experience.. Feeling more at home with each passing day. Thanks to all the girls I hung out with this weekend for making this weekend a fun one! <3