Happy Tuesday!!

I need all the coffee. Please send it my way, haha.

Last night was such a FUN night!! Had the opportunity to meet a super cool chick, Amanda who invited me to the Harry Styles concert! I had to tell her, I don't hate Harry, I just don't know a lot of his music, haha. But after last night, y'all - I am totally a Harry fan!! He's great live and also the connection he has with his fans is unreal. He literally pulled a newly engaged couple out of the crowd and had a full on conversation with them in the middle of the concert and even let them move to front row!!

He also picked another fan out of the crowd who he recognized from other shows and told her WHERE he remembered seeing her! What!? Haha

Thanks for a great show, Harry Styles & thanks to my new friend Amanda for having me!

ps. I think my ears are still ringing from last night, haha.