Happy Thursday, friends! Super excited to share with you about my love for JUMP Bikes! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories, you'll now I am always riding around town on a JUMP Bike!

Photos: @dianaelenaphotos

Reasons why I LOVE using JUMP Bikes!
- I never have to drive my car = Saving money on gas
- It's exercise
- Cheaper than an Uber
- Great way to see the city!!

JUMP Bikes are super easy to use and a blast to ride!! You can check them out on their website ---> here!

Download the JUMP Bike app & create an account! Then locate a bike nearby! 

Once you find a bike nearby, you can reserve the bike for up to 15 minutes while you get to the bike and then you can enter your information on the keypad! Unlock the bike and enjoy the ride!! 

I ride these bikes everywhere! To work, to the store, to the bar to meet friends! I've even just taken a ride around town to see the amazing wall murals from @wideopenwalls! Such a cool way to get around and, not to mention, ECO FRIENDLY! They even have e-assist to help you go up to 20mph while you pedal!  Next time you see a bike, grab and go for a ride around town! SO glad these bikes made it to Sacramento! 

If you grab a bike for a ride, share a video or photo on Instagram and tag me @ maddy.eccles