Happy Monday, friends! Super excited to post a recap of my girls trip to Calistoga! But before I do, I want to give a little background first of how this all transpired! I have a point, I promise. ;) 

A couple weeks ago, I was asked by my friend, Jess to join her at the Farm-2-Fork Uncorked event at the Old Sugar Mill! I met up with her and her friend, who I'd never met before and we sat on the patio & got to talking! They told me they were heading to Calistoga for the weekend in a couple weeks and I should join! Instead of thinking of all the reasons why I couldn't go... 
*I might have to work* 
*I need to save the money*
.. the list goes on.. 

I said "YES!" I didn't even think twice, I requested the weekend off, cleared my schedule and BOOM. The plan was in motion! 

Here's my point : Sometimes you just gotta let go of the "what if's" or the "coulda-woulda-shoulda" and just go for it! Because when you do, great things come out of it! Take some time every once in a while, to intentionally live in the NOW. And I say "every once in a while" because hello, it's hard. Right? But any who! A weekend in Calistoga with my new friends was on the calendar and I was so excited!

Before we hit up Calistoga we stopped at the Oxbo Public Market! It was such a great place with a little bit of everything! 

Once we got settled in Calistoga we headed out for happy hour, drinks & tacos! And then made our way to Tank Garage Winery! Loved it! They had a little Speak Easy with live music and we were able to sit and relax with a glass of wine! 

Saturday, we were able to hit up 3 wineries! 
Lava Vine
Tedeschi Winery 
& T-Vine! 

I loved each winery so much, the weather was perfect to sit outside and relax and the service at each place was amazing! Everybody was SO nice. 

It was the perfect weekend getaway with the girls and just what I needed! Thank you to Jess & Kat for inviting me, I had the best time & I can't wait to be back! 

Check out more about Calistoga here --> https://visitcalistoga.com
Or find them on Instagram @visitcalistoga 

Xoxo, M