San Francisco City Hall Wedding

February 4, 2019

Happy Monday, beautiful people!

I want to make it a point to share more of my shoots on the blog. I am feeling pretty thankful and blessed that my photography biz is getting lots of attention and it's keeping me very, very busy! 

I know that I have said it before.. no, I do not do wedding photography.. BUT... if you have an intimate ceremony in mind, I am definitely your girl! 

I am so excited to share more of these photos from this ceremony with you. I met Kelsie at a Blog Bloc mixer and was so happy when she reached out to me to take her wedding photos. Her and her new husband are about to embark on a 6 month honeymoon trip, and I am so excited to follow along on their adventures! 

They got married at the San Francisco City Hall and it was BEAUTIFUL!! While we were waiting and taking photos we saw about 15 other couples get married. It is definitely a very popular place to tie the knot and it's completely obvious why! 

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