Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! As for me, I am still catching up on some much needed sleep but I think I am finally back to functioning at normal capacity in Sacramento, haha. It took me some time to get all these photos and videos organized for these blog posts but here we go! 

Off to Madrid!! We flew from Sacramento to LAX and then straight through from LAX to Madrid. We flew Iberia Airlines and my brother-in-law upgraded us to business class and it was AMAZING. Reclining seats that go all the way down to a bed and full meals and snacks and WINE. If you ever get the opportunity, do not hesitate, GO FOR IT. 


We landed in Madrid around 2 PM and made it to our hotel. We were exhausted but decided to go get some food and explore for a little bit before crashing. We ate lunch/dinner at La Mucca and it was so cute, of course I took a ton of photos! We were cracking up because we BOTH ordered Shrimp Scampi thinking it would be shrimp on a bed of pasta. Nope. It was about 15 giant shrimps drenched in butter in a cast iron skillet. It was delicious but a lot. So we decided from that point on to order something different that way we can share each other's plates and not have too much of one thing, haha.

As we were eating, we kept seeing people with brown bags that looked like it was from a market of some sort. We found that it was actually from this store called Primark which is like a GIANT Forever 21 and we walked up all 7 floors and back down all 7 floors and watched a million people sort through clothes, shoes, jewelry, underwear, swimsuits, you NAME IT. It was in there and extremely CHEAP. If you go in there, make sure you down 2 glasses of Sangria first. 

Our FIRST official FULL day in Madrid!! Starts off with a Free Walking Tour with Craft Tours!

Our tour guide's name was Adam from Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes, you read that right. Haha! He actually spoke great Spanish and has been a Madrid resident for about 6 years. We walked through the city and he told us a little bit of historical facts about each stop. 


During our Free Walking Tour we took a break at a little Tapas bar where they served us beer and little snack of some Paella. Adam (tour guide) said that most times when you go in and order some drinks they will usually give you a little snack as well included with your drinks! 



At the end of our walking tour we decided to rest up for our evening Tapas tour. We ended up being with the same tour guide which was fine because we thought he was great! They took us to several stops where they served things like JAMON, machego cheese, TORTILLAS... but not what you think.. 

This is the Spanish tortilla, which can be described like a potato omelet mixed with things like onions, cheese, and other things! It was yummy! 


After our Tapas Tour we decided to purchase tickets for a Flamenco Show!! You can't go to Madrid and not see a Flamenco Show, right? They served dinner and drinks during the show so of course we had to order some Sangria. 


DAY 3 

Day 3 (2nd Full Day) started late since we could not wake up. We really had a hard adjusting to the time change and couldn't fall asleep at night which meant having trouble waking up in the morning. We had purchased tickets to tour the Real Madrid stadium but wanted to get there pretty early since there was a match that day. Unfortunately we couldn't see the field because there was a game but it was still so awesome to go to that museum and see everything! 

After the Real Madrid Museum tour, we hopped back on the Metro and went back to where we were staying for lunch. Lobster Paella (with a side of second hand smoke) on the menu! :P 


The table where we watched a couple romantically split a bottle of wine and pack of cigs, haha! 

But look at this VIEW!! I loved Plaza Mayor!! 

After lunch, we went on a hunt to find some Churros! We kept hearing about this and new we had to find some! Spoiler alert. We found some! 

After a successful lunch meal and dessert we decided to walk back to the Royal Palace (we visited the previous day on our walking tour) and look around and see the sights. 


We also made it to Parque de El Retiro which was a giant park (almost like Central Park of New York) in Madrid and walked around there for an hour or 2! There was a small pond you could ride paddle boats on, people were playing music and dancing, eating, walking their dogs. 


After a long walk we finally made it back the main part of town and visited a roof top bar that was recommended to us by some women who were on the walking tour with us. I LOVED this place! The view was amazing and we were lucky enough to get a great table to enjoy it. 

It seemed like a spot where all the locals hung out in and it was funny because there was not any Spanish cuisine in this bar. There was Mexican food, burgers, sushi, etc. So of course, my sister and I enjoyed a burger on our last night in Madrid! ;) 

And that is a wrap on our time in Madrid! Even with all of that, that's just the tip of the iceberg of what we did and and saw! I really did enjoy the Free Walking Tour and Tapas Tour the most. It was fun and interesting to meet people from all over the world who came to visit Madrid.