Road Pizza in Barcelona

Ok, I might have got you with some click bait but really, the bike tour we went on, I may or may not have rushed across the street to beat oncoming traffic... we will get to that later, haha.

3 days in Barcelona!! We took a train from Madrid to Barcelona and upon arrival had a snack and some sangria with the most AMAZING view. This was the Barcelona Cathedral and we were across the way at Hotel Colon, thanks for this recommendation from my friend Kelsie!! It was amazing!!

We also met my sister's father in law there who was there for business and he took us out to dinner and dessert! We walked down Las Ramblas which is a very popular street with food and shopping but we were warned from 3 different tour guides not to get trapped with the tourist pricing on this street! 

Day 2 in Barcelona started off with, you guessed it.. FREE WALKING TOUR! Thanks to Nikki for setting these up, what a great idea it was. It's a free walking tour and then you tip at the end what you think the tour is worth! 

Our tour guide's name was Giada and she was from Italy and we loved her. 

After our walking tour we took some time to walk through La Boqueria Market right off Las Ramblas and we ate empanadas, macaroons and drank some yummy juice! 

Finally.. the bike tour. We had a good time, however, I am not sure we would recommend this; only because it was REALLY stressful due to the amount of people walking around, the traffic, & keeping up with your tour guide. We got to see some amazing sites and covered a lot of ground which was great. However, towards the end of the tour on our way back, I was stuck behind a couple as we were crossing the street and seconds after the light turned I still tried to book it across the street and I made IT.. but got honked at.. by several people. HAHA! *sigh* We were glad it was over when it was over. 

The next day we walked to La Sagrada Familia to tour the church! This place was GIGANTIC and so beautiful! We also chose the option to climb one of the towers of the church to get a view of the city which I really enjoyed!

After our tour of the church we decided to do the Hop-on/Hop-off Bus Tour that Nikk's father-in-law got for us and we really enjoyed it! It's a great way to see the entire city, there's wifi on the bus and it's just relaxing since you're on the bus! We were pretty wiped out at this point so it was perfect. 

Finally to end our time in Barcelona, we attended our last tour which was a Tapas Tour! We really enjoyed the people that were in this group and had a great time trying some different tapas restaurants. Can't turn down more cheese and sangria, am I right? And of course, we had to endulge in a few more churros before the trip home! 

And that's a wrap on SPAIN!! My travels are far from over, this is just the beginning and I am forever thankful for this special birthday trip that was gifted to me by my sister and brother-in-law!! 

Have you ever been to Madrid or Barcelona? I'd love to hear about your experience! 

Xoxo, M