This post is more of a reminder for myself and whoever else needs it. I definitely consider myself a happy person who likes to have fun and be positive and spread that to whoever I come in contact with. But, I wouldn't call myself an expert in choosing happiness all the time. Sometimes I tend to find myself choosing the easy route and just focusing on the negative. Negativity spreads like wild fire. I want this post to be here so I can look back whenever I need to find the positive, whenever I am feeling down and just blah.

  • I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions 
  • I can find positivity in every situation 
  • It's okay to say no 
  • I can be productive by accomplishing little things at a time 
  • I am allowed to forgive myself
  • I have the power to better myself every day 
  • I know my self-worth 
  • Happiness is a choice, and today I choose happiness 
  • Self-care is not selfish