8 Days, 9 States, 6 Stops

Hello, hello!! I am sitting at home in Columbia, SC as I type this! I still can't believe we actually drove across the entire country in a week. It could not have gone any smoother! No car problems, no cat problems! All was great! Of course I took a ton of photos along the way to share with you!

Stop #1 : The Saguaro Palm Springs 

We left on Friday, June 28 and drove to Palm Springs! We got there pretty late but we were able to wake up early to take some photos and eat breakfast at the restaurant inside the hotel. I love, love, love this hotel so much, it's so vibrant and fun and looks like the perfect place for a girls' weekend getaway!

Stop # 2 : Yuma, AZ 

This was our shortest leg of the trip, from Palm Springs to Yuma, AZ to see the #ecclesbabes! We were so excited to see them. Drew hadn't seen the kids for over a year and I got to see them recently over Thanksgiving break which was nice. They are getting soooo big, I just cant believe it. We ate lunch, went and saw Toy Story 4 and then took the kids to Old Navy to buy some summer clothes! I tried to get some photos of them with the camera but they refused to have their photo taken. Man, how times have changed, haha! 

Stop #3 : El Paso, TX 

After we left Yuma we were headed to El Paso, TX. To be honest, we weren't all that excited to be staying in El Paso but luckily we got a great recommendation from a friend to check out El Paso Coffee Box, and we really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed a yummy meal from Red Lobster once we got into town, couldn't leave that out because I am still thinking about it, haha. 

Stop #4 : San Antonio, TX 

We were so excited to be stopping in San Antonio,TX. This was our home together for almost 5 years and we really love it! We were able to visit Drew's mom and sister-in-law and fam! We also had some friends stop by to visit who we've missed so much! Definitely enjoyed being back, our first stop was Whataburger but I didn't get any photos for proof, can you believe it!? We also spent the morning at The Pearl which is one of the best places in San Antonio, perfect for everyone in the family! 

Stop #5 : Lafayette, LA 

After a short 1.5 days in San Antonio, it was time to get back on the road. Our next stop was at our good friends, The Sharplin's, to celebrate the 4th! Somehow we always end up spending time together on the 4th so it's our new tradition! We went downtown and had a great lunch before heading back to the house to hang out while the guys cooked up the best steaks in the WORLDDD. 

Stop #6 : Montgomery, AL 

We were going to drive all the way to Atlanta but decided to cut the last leg in half and just stop in the capitol of Alabama, Montgomery! We got in pretty early which was nice and it allowed us to take a tour around town and visit the Capitol building, the First White House of the Confederacy and the house where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr lived! I love the South so much, there's so much history everywhere you turn! 

And FINALLY!! We made it to Columbia around 4:30 EST on Saturday afternoon! 8 days, 9 states, 6  stops! To say that we are sick of driving is an understatement but we are just glad we made it with no issues, safe & sound. South Carolina is so beautiful and green, I can't wait to get settled in and explore more of this city! After all, its time to kick start #thebeginnersguidetoColumbia.. ;)