#throwback to a quick girls trip to Monterey to see the jellies!! We left early Saturday morning and went straight to the aquarium to beat the crowds and it did not disappoint!! The jellyfish exhibit is unreal and we all agreed we could camp out in front of it all day long. 

After a good time at the aquarium we found an awesome brunch spot called "From Scratch" where we were *those* customers and ordered 3 drinks each, haha. #hydration.. or something. 

After brunch and some walking around the adorable little town of Carmel, we crashed at the hotel and took a much needed nap before we were heading out again for some yummy eats and a dance party at a local bar where we also met the cutest chick who was a local bartender. She told us a story that was practically a rom-com of how she adopted her dog... believe me, it had us all weeping. If you know, you know. :P 

Sunday morning we were back on the road and heading back to Sacramento. This was a fun last hurrah before my move to Columbia. Forgot I had all these photos stashed away and had to share! 24 hours in Monterey, CA was well spent!