2020 GOALS - Reset, Recharge, Renew

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HOW IS IT 2020 ALREADY!? How many times have you heard that sentence in the last week? Probably too many to count. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my video yesterday where I shared how I am feeling about this new year. I'm excited for what's to come but just feeling extremely overwhelmed with it all. I took some time last night to narrow down my 2020 resolutions and I wanted to share them with you. 

DECLUTTER! Drew and I are moving at the end of the year after he retires so I plan to take the next 11 months to go through every single thing in this house to determine if we should keep it, donate it, or get rid of it. It's going to be so liberating to do that! I plan to vlog while I do this so you can come along for the ride. 

Limit my soda/alcohol intake this year! I say "limit" because I know better than to cut myself completely off from a fountain coke or glass of red wine. But I think this will do wonders for me and my fitness journey to start out with since I am pretty bad about drinking all of my calories! 

SAVE MONEY! I know this is probably on everybody's list but here's how I plan to save and you can join me if you'd like! I plan to save 3 ways: 

1. I have $100 automatically going to my savings every paycheck. 

2. I will be using the DIGIT App. I LOVE this app because it tracks your spending trends and pulls varying amounts from your checking into a savings account and you barely even notice it. Drew and I were able to save $750 last year through this app and that helped us tremendously for Christmas expenses. 

If you're interested in trying Digit, they are giving you $5 to jumpstart your savings here - 

3. And lastly! I have jumped aboard the IBOTTA train! Earn cash back on purchases you're already making at stores you go to all the time! I've already made money back on 2 recent purchases I've made at Walmart and Target!

I am already feeling so much better about the new year and where I am with my goals and aspirations after taking the time to sit and just write everything down. The outpour of support yesterday, too after sharing my IGTV was amazing and its a clear reminder that if you are the least bit vulnerable, your support system will show up for you! Again, I wish you the happiest 2020! 


  1. I love IBOTTA!! Just wish we had more options here for sales!

  2. I'm about to download Digit and IBOTTA!! Thank you for this!!

  3. What a lot of people fail to realize... click on Find Offers and Online Shopping. This includes Amazon, Groupon and travel too!!! So much to save on.

    Ps you can now order a gift card while at Walmart or Home Depot and save too!!! So lots and lots of options. You got this girl!


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