Beginner's Guide to New York City - Day 1

We are back from NYC and still recovering from the trip! The energy in New York is indescribable, a feeling like no other and I am already ready to go back. If you follow me on instagram (here) you know that we crammed in a LOT of sight-seeing in just a short 72 hours. Before I dive into the breakdown of the trip, I'd like to give a shout out to 2 good friends that helped me with planning this trip! I was given information about the application called New York Pass and this was PERFECT to have for our first trip to the Big Apple! We paid for a 3 day pass and it included all of the attractions already so we didn't have to pay for anything individually. The 3-day pass paid for itself within the first day, it's definitely the cheaper way to go if you are going to the city for a few days, I highly recommend checking it out. One tip I can give about the application is that some of the attractions still may require you to make reservations or check ahead for any set times a tour takes place, etc.  Another good friend helped us plan the first 2 days of our trip from morning to night and it was SO helpful, we followed the itinerary pretty closely and it worked out SO well. Here's what we did!

We arrived to our hotel around 11 am. We stayed at the Moxy Chelsea off W 28th and it was a great location with a perfect view of the Empire State Building around the corner! It was too early to check in so we dropped our bags at the hotel and took off toward the Empire State Building! Just a short 9 minute walk and we were there! 

On the way to the top there is a museum and lots of photos and information you can read about but we were on a mission to just get to the top so we bypassed all of it. (We can Google this info, right?) The view was absolutely amazing, I took a BILLION photos. I heard from different folks that preferred the Empire State Building over Top of the Rock and vice versa but we had planned to do both. Unfortunately we were unable to do Top of the Rock this trip because they only go up at specific times (remember what I said about checking ahead of time on the app) so we decided to keep moving along the itinerary. 

We kept making our way down 5th Ave and stopped inside the New York Public Library. Of course the entire time I was in there, I was thinking about Carrie and Big's Wedding that was supposed to take place there. Be prepared to have your bag checked every time you enter and leave a room! 

Next stop was Grand Central Terminal! Again, when I was in this location, all I could think of was scenes from Gossip Girl. There are SO many locations in NYC that I have linked to a scene from a show or movie I watch frequently, haha. Grand Central was amazing and I enjoyed the giant Apple Store inside! There is a dining hall inside Grand Central Terminal with tons of options, we ate carne asada tacos and ceviche for lunch! 

As we made our way toward Central Park, we got to see Radio City Music Hall! There was a tour option on the New York Pass but we didn't make it. We finally made it Central Park with our bikes rented from Unlimited Biking and made our way around the 6 mile loop. Beware of the GIANT hill, we were not expecting it! Central Park was beautiful but I can't imagine what it's like in the summer and fall when there are leaves on the trees! 

After a long first day we finally made it back to our hotel to check in and climbed to the rooftop bar of our hotel, The Fleur Room that had breathtaking views of the city! Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for a drink though. 

That wraps up Day 1 in the city!

 Empire State Building
NY Public Library
 Grand Central Terminal
 Rockefeller Center
Radio City Music Hall
 Central Park