Beginner's Guide to New York City - Day 2

DAY 2 in the Big Apple, LET'S GO! 

We woke up pretty refreshed after a good night's sleep and made our way to Circle Line Sightseeing for the Liberty Cruise which was an hour long and we got a GREAT view of the Statue of Liberty! Yes, I am aware the Staten Island Ferry is Free.99 but this was included in our NY Pass so we jumped on this opportunity! We paid to upgrade our seats ($10/person) and got heated seats and a great view! 

After we got off the boat we made our way down to Hudson Yard to check out The Vessel! A 15-Story Maze of Art with tons of viewing platforms! It was amazing! 

After a few photos of the Vessel and walk around the mall to grab a cup of coffee, we walked down the High Line toward Chelsea Market where we ate our lunch! There are TONS of food options inside and we chose to eat sushi and it was DELICIOUS! 

After Chelsea Market, of course we had to stop by the Friends Apartment Building! This is the building you see in the episodes when it transitions scenes! We then hopped in an Uber toward the 9/11 Memorial!

We had the chance to walk around the Memorial and take some photos. It was a really beautiful, touching experience. Unfortunately, we really didn't have time to go in the museum but I hope one day to go back and visit. 

From the 9/11 Memorial we walked down to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange! This was a really cool area and they have a giant statue of George Washington. We also walked by where Alexander Hamilton was buried! 

After we walked through Wall Street we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge and we rented bikes to ride over it. If I could change ONE thing about this trip, it would be this. Do NOT do what we did.. and rent bikes to ride across the Brooklyn Bridge at 5 pm on a SATURDAY. BIG MISTAKE, haha. It was SOOOOO packed. There is a bike lane but nobody honors the bike lane and even if they did, it was too packed for people to stay in the walking lane. So, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience and it was pretty hard to bike up the bridge while dodging people. Definitely walk across the bridge OR go early in the morning when there's nobody there! 

Smiling through the pain, haha.

After we biked the Brooklyn Bridge we made it back to our hotel and rested a bit before heading down to Times Square. I loved all the lights! I was told to go late at night when the crowds die down but we decided to go while we had energy and not wait too late. 

After we walked around Times Square, we made our way back to the hotel but stopped for food at The Vine. We had a really nice meal and it was decently priced and not crowded at all! 

Day 2 

Liberty Cruise with Circle Line Sightseeing
The Vessel
Walk the High Line
Chelsea Market
Friends Apartment Building
9/11 Memorial 
Wall Street/NY Stock Exchange 
Brooklyn Bridge 
Times Square